New Construction Trends in Long Island

Recent years saw construction in Long Island reach astounding levels. Building activities have never been this high since 2013 when the island was just starting to recover from the damages done by Hurricane Sandy. Not only did it increase construction employment rates in the city, but it also paved the way for many people to make their homes there.

Among many construction styles, rustic contemporary country style has also been in higher demand in the last few years. Simple, “homey”, and eye catching, this home design offers an earthy and natural aesthetic living space that’s both warm and comfortable. Below are three main features that make it such a trendy home style in Long Island.

Natural Color Schemes

There are no color limitations when it comes to rustic and country home style― as long as you know how to pick the colors right. Thus, you need to not only select the right palettes but also know when not to use it. Rustic and country house custom builders typically leave large surfaces like walls, ceilings, and floors unfinished to that end, using it to complement and accessorize the room’s natural materials instead.

Organic Look and Feel T

o give your home a rustic ambiance, you need the right finishes and accessories. Thus, most country homes built through custom construction have hand-crafted items that would elevate its rustic elements. For instance, if you’re bedroom has exposed wood, give it black or gun-metal handles and door knobs.

keep in mind the three primary elements of a rustic home. Wood is the primary element found in any rustic homes, but to give your house that organic look and feel, best opt for reclaimed lumber. Meanwhile, metals will complement the wooden element in the house; worn metals, in particular, can be incorporated anywhere in your living space as you see fit. Lastly, stone will balance the look and feel of the house’s interior as well as complete the overall rustic style.

Awesome Patterns, Textiles, and Furniture

Rustic and country design is also known for incorporating various patterns to increase interest. Traditional examples include patchworks, calicos, buffalo checks, and ikats; most of these can be found in pillowcases and floor rugs in the house to match its weathered elements. Patchwork quilts can also enhance a rustic home’s ambiance.

Textiles can further improve and add a different aesthetic style to a room in a rustic home. However, to achieve the desired earthy, contemporary natural effect, you need to make it look effortless. Thus, you need to use it sparingly and keep it simple. For example, to instill a sense of warmth and coziness in your bedroom, place a faux animal throw or a weaved rug on the floor; never a good idea to put both in a single room.

Contemporary Rustic furniture is mostly made of recycled materials, and unlike traditional furniture, it has no predictable patterns or lines, some can even be made from tree trunks, including tables, benches and shelves, giving it a solid, minimalistic, and handcrafted look. However, you don’t need to limit your furniture to wooden ones; as mentioned above, it takes a professional to combine the contemporary and the rustic styles.

Want Contemporary Rustic? Call Jaws Construction Inc.

Having a rustic contemporary country style home of your own in Long Island is a great way to stay connected with nature, allowing you to benefit from her soothing powers on a daily basis.

If you’re looking for a contractor in Long Island to help you build your dream contemporary rustic home, then we, Jaws Construction Inc., would be more than happy to go to great lengths to design and custom build your dream home. As one of the few General Contractors left in the Long Island who specializes in constructing custom-built houses, we can offer you superior craftsmanship and high-quality work regardless of the nature of the project, new construction or remodeling always at affordable prices. Visit our website for more details.